Gardener Potting Soil 70 L


Peat-based growing medium using organic soil from lowland peat (95%) slightly or moderately decomposed (H2-H8),
Lime fertilizer, and NPK fertilizer.

Cultivated substrate based on peat using organic
Soil material from peatland (95%) slightly to moderately decomposed (H2-H8),
Lime fertilizer, and NPK fertilizer.
Organic substance: 80% i.d. T.
PH value: 5.5 (CaCl 2)
Salinity: 1.2 g / l (KCl)
Net volume: 70 ltr. (DIN EN 12580)

placing on the:
GROWVIT GmbH, 26135 Oldenburg, Germany

Starting materials:
Moor peat (95%) (H2-H8), lime fertilizer, NPK fertilizer

Minor ingredients:
300 mg / l nitrogen (N) (CaCl2)
300 mg / l phosphate (P2O5) (CAL)
300 mg / l potassium (K2O) (CAL)
180 mg / l magnesium (Mg) (CaCl2)
160 mg / l sulfur (S) (CaCl2)

Do not store weatherproof, protect against dehydration or waterlogging
expose to direct sunlight.
Application Notes:
After 6-8 weeks, start to re-fertilize. The declared
Nutrient contents refer to the time of placing on the market
the manufacturer and can be natural fluctuations and changes
during storage.

Other notes:
Rootonex gardener potting soil is a particularly versatile applicable
Universal substrate for a healthy growth of all rooms, balcony and
Garden plants.